Some feedback from clients:

I would like to say that I believe Felicity is a great coach and anyone who has the good grace to land up in the chair opposite her is blessed and very fortunate”.

Felicity was incredibly insightful, supportive and encouraging. It was the first time that I felt really ‘seen’ and understood by someone in respect of a family situation and it helped me to move forward with courage and strength”.

Felicity is very intuitive and sensitive. She brought a holistic approach to understanding a complex situation and allowed me to make sense of all the dynamics”.

Thank you very much for the heart felt, genuine effort and for being your authentic self and for allowing me to experience my authentic self”.


Apart from the fact that Felicity has an extremely professional and high-integrity approach to coaching, she was able to sensitively and effectively utilise a variety of coaching techniques with empathic and intuitive sensitivity to assist me in pursuing my goals”.

She is an extremely clear and effective communicator, and is very good at things such as clarification, giving, asking for feedback, communicating expectations, active listening, sensitive questioning, etc. She is also able to draw on her vast corporate background and personal experience within the coaching context, without at any stage assuming a directive or ‘advice giving’ approach”.

She was able to manage the fine balance between supporting me in making decisions while at the same time leaving the responsibility for my choices with me”.

Thank You! The coaching experience was much more than I expected and I continue to grow and benefit from it”.

Felicity has been enormously effective in helping me identify my personal and professional brand. This has allowed me to move forward with greater confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem”.

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  • “I am able to control only that which I am aware of. That which I am unaware of controls me. AWARENESS empowers me”. – John Whitmore.