The Life Wheel, or Wheel of Balance, cuts right to the chase and addresses the questions:

  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How do I get there?

We explore eight key areas of your life, allowing you to review and describe your current life situation, and gain insight into how you got there.

Initially, the focus is on description. The review then provides a foundation for us to identify the areas where you experience life satisfaction and those where you would like to improve your level of satisfaction.

It is a wonderful exercise to help clarify your goals and inform your action steps in working towards greater satisfaction and balance in all key areas of your life.



If life is a school, then understanding the archetypes is a foundation course, and key to learning certain lessons and developing wisdom.

The archetypes are drawn from the collective unconscious. In the coaching process I help you to identify and understand those archetypes within your own psyche, allowing you to learn and benefit from their energies. Translated, this means that we explore the elements in your psyche, bring them into the light and let them work for you and not against you.

This results in clarity of purpose and the ability to name what holds you back. It also allows you to make informed decisions and take confident action.

I have listed some of my archetypes are in order for you to see what some of yours might be and what this may translate into within our coaching journey.

Some of my archetypes include the guide, sage, teacher, alchemist and visionary. When translated into what I can do for you, they mean that I am a gifted coach and guide, an accurate and insightful sounding board and a seer into your unclaimed self, with all its beautiful gifts, skills and talents.

Some of the archetypes that regularly, but not exclusively, show up in my clients include, seeker, student, alchemist, hero/heroin, visionary – which, when translated, may mean the following:

  • You are seeking what is true for you in your life.
  • You want a guiding vision and direction for your life.
  • You have a knowing, or sense of purpose, that you want to realise.
  • You desire to transform the ‘lead’ in your life into ‘gold’ through wisdom, insight and transformation.

Sometimes the addict or beggar archetypes also show up. This is never comfortable, but they remind us that we may need to confront our addiction to perfectionism or approval from others, for example, before we can access and activate our authentic selves and life purpose.

—Archetype cards displayed are from Caroline Myss's Sacred Contracts: The Journey

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So often, and without knowing, we focus on what is negative in ourselves and not on what is positive. I offer a wonderful, ‘magical’ process that highlights your unique positive qualities and helps you to see them, own them, and live them out more fully in your own life.

How do I do this?
You have to come to me to find out! I can’t reveal all my secrets to you at once...

What I will do, however, is share some of my positive qualities with you:-

  • I am truthful.
  • I am still.
  • I have a great sense of humour.
  • I care.
  • I am warm.
  • I like to praise others.
  • I am content, sincere, generous and kind.
  • I am elegant in spirit, tender hearted and charitable.
  • I am aware, dauntless, benevolent and strong.
  • I am light, intuitive and visionary.
  • I am honourable, righteous and pure.
  • I am peaceful at heart.

Please don’t think that this list is ego-driven. It comes from a place of loving myself and living my Spirit.

Everyone has many positive qualities that they are unaware of. If you are perhaps thinking that you could be the one person on the planet who has none, let me reassure you, that’s impossible! (And this exercise may be especially important for you).